NH Gleans
Belknap Gleaning
A project of Belknap County Conservation District
NH Gleans


Coordinator: Russ Bailey Phone: (603) 527-5880 Email: belknap@nhgleans.org

NH Gleans-Belknap County is coordinated through the Belknap County Conservation District (BCCD). ‘We couldn’t do this without the generous donation of time made by our volunteers, the support of our local farmers and home gardeners, and the assistance of the many local food banks and pantries that open their doors for donations of fresh vegetables and fruit!’ states Lisa Morin, Program Coordinator for BCCD.

‘I see Gleaning produce from farm fields and home gardens to address hunger, and reduce food waste, as a natural fit with BCCD’s message of conservation of natural resources. Often in the field of natural resource conservation the ‘people’ factor is overlooked or seen as a negative influence to be managed. We talk about keeping our air and waters healthy, preventing soil erosion, protecting wildlife, and conserving our open spaces but if we disregard the health of our human population we’ve done great harm to our environment.’

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