Dropoff donations manager help

Crop donors that have obtained a PIN from the region coordinator have access to this page. After entering the PIN and clicking on 'Enter site PIN', several options appear. :

View all donations - A link at the bottom of the page lists all donations through NH Gleans whether they were gleaned by volunteers, picked up by volunteers, or dropped off by the crop owner.

The large green buttons at the top allow you to:

Add new donations - These are those donations that you dropoff directly at donations sites without NH Gleans staff being directly involved. By tracking these donations here they can be added to the other donations that you make where NH Gleans staff is directly involved. Note that you input only this type of donation. NH Gleans staff input and maintain the records of all the other types (field gleans, pickups, etc.).

Update previous dropoff donations - You can correct errors in previously entered dropoff donations.

Update your contact information - Change entries in the form and click on 'Update site'.

List previous dropoff donations - A list of only dropoff donations will appear. These can be selected by clicking on the 'radio' button at the left.

Update selected dropoff donation - After selecting a previous donation, it can then be edited by clicking on the green 'Update selected dropoff donation' button, and changing information in the form.

Delete dropoff donations - This should never be done unless you are certain that it is a duplicate of another donation in the database or did not actually happen.